Why Rally Cross is the "Next Big Thing"

Rally Cross is the next big thing in motor sports, that's if you didn't already know. "Why?" you might ask. There are numerous reasons why this sport is going to grow tremendously in the next 5 years. I want to break down my favorite parts about the sport, in the hope I can relay to you my thoughts behind the title of this blog.


Constant excitement is something I crave. That's what Rally Cross provides; Endless excitement for a stadium audience or viewers at home. This constant excitement is created by the format of the event: four cars in a constricted course with a mandatory jump (known as the joker lap). Plus the event traditionally includes two surfaces the vehicles drive on, normally asphalt and dirt (additional surfaces, like gravel and ice, can be included). Basically you are making a driver experience every possible road condition less than a mile. It's the Mixed Martial art of the motor sports world! That means you are dealing with a different class of driver, a driver who understands more about the handling of the car than any other type of driver in the world. This is what makes the event the most attended and watched event at X Games. That brings me to my next reason of why I love the sport.


The sport is definitely in a growth phase, but it already has enormous popularity. The days of retired action sports stars dominating the event at X Games are well on their way to an end. Fans are interested in the sport and are looking to get to know the drivers. I know this because at this past X Games; I worked in conjunction with Mishi Moto to set up an autograph signing for it's team of privateer drivers in the festival village. In a 45 minute period, three athletes signed over 2,000 posters for fans. All of these athletes are top notch, but the highest finish at X Games by an athlete appearing was only 5th. Regardless the fans were still interested in associating themselves with the drivers. That is another reason why I love the sport, all the spectators are interested in getting to know even the least well known of the competitors. I believe the reason for this is simple, everyone knows what it's like to drive a car, and everyone has thought about jumping a car, cutting off other drivers and getting to there destination fast. It also helps that they are racing cars that look very similar to the one's people take home of the dealer lots.


These reason is why I love Rally Cross. The interest and ability of fans to relate to the sport set it apart from all other forms of competition. This is why marketers should take notice of Rally Cross, the "Next Big Thing!"

Athlete Marketing and It's role In a Corporate Marketing Strategy

Athlete Marketing and It's role In a Corporate Marketing Strategy

By Tyler Morant


Being that I have been doing a lot of cold calling recently, I realized that a lot of people aren't entirely sure of the role athlete marketing plays in a corporations overall marketing strategies. The role of athlete marketing is simply, expand the story of your brand. But how can a corporation utilize an athlete to expand it's brand message, get an audience and turn them into customers?


Step one in athlete marketing is find an athlete(s) that speaks to your customers. Character is important. Remember these are brand representatives. Check that the athlete has the audience size you want; analyze their social media networks and the media they appear in. There must be a synergy with the athlete and the story of your business. Also don't be afraid to reach out side your comfort zone. Sports that you might not be familiar with might be to your customers. Owning a space where your competitors are not can be advantageous. You could be spreading your brand message to loyal fans, who are also loyal customers. It's a great way to expand your market share, without having to spend enormous dollars to be visible. Thinking outside of the box is something fans appreciate and they award companies who do this with fierce loyalty.


Step two is about using the athlete; which is the bulk of the work. Today's fan base is very intelligent and they do not like to see their athletes as sales man. So, I believe the best course of action is to utilize the athlete to generate content. It's great if you have an athlete that lands on the podium at every major competition they participate in. But that is only part of their story and your company's. Make sure you utilize their social media network to generate a dialogue between the corporation and the athlete. It's important that the dialogue includes key words (much like SEO) specific to the message and the products the corporation creates. When working with an athlete you want there to be an easily discoverable company web page where fans (current and future customers) can engage with you and the athlete at the same time. A sub page is best. This way you have a place where all of the content from social media to commercials can exist. Aflac does a tremendous job of this, in my opinion, with their relationship with NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards. It's integral to make sure the story is easily discoverable on the internet, since this is where the majority of research about athletes takes place.

I believe this is athlete marketing at it's most basic. But I hope this can give you some food for thought.


Focus Elite Snowboarding Fundraiser 12.12.10

Focus Elite Fundraiser Flyer

Local Artists help raise funding for Elite Focus Snowboarding Program

Breckenridge, CO - December 1, 2010 - On Sunday December 12, 2010, Focus Elite Snowboarding will host a fundraiser to benefit students of it's program. Brooklyn's Tavern, on 520 South Main Street Breckenridge, will be hosting the event.

From 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm there will be a silent auction and raffle. Prizes have been donated by local artists Anna Kleppe, Courtney Buckland, Brandon Ferrell, Brian Henry and Rory Kijas. Pro snowboarder Mike Casanova and snowboard companies Salomon, Bonfire and Role Model Productions will also be donating prizes. Following the raffle and auction will be and after party that will be hosted by MC Pump.

Focus Elite Snowboarding is a non-profit snowboard team. It's program focuses on athletic development as well as academic achievement. To learn more about the program please visit

Please support this program by attending this event and having an awesome time.

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