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On August 13th, big wave surf Champion, Garrett McNamara will stand up paddle a 28 mile route circling New York City, in the SEA Paddle NYC. Paddle boarders are flocking to the Big Apple for this event, to take a stand for Autism.

The Hudson River is sure to offer many challenges to paddle boarders. But McNamara having done some of the most death defying surfing in history, will likely be unhindered. McNamara has made a name for himself as one of the world’s most extreme surfers. He has tow-surfed waves created from a 300 foot tall decaying glacier. Every year he sets out to surf the biggest waves, but this isn't about the thrill. It's about helping others.

McNamara is anxious for the chance to participate in such an arduous event, so that he can raise awareness and funding for Surfer's Healing. “Every stroke I take; will be for Surfers’ Healing and all the children they support,” McNamara proclaims.

Surfers' Healing ( ), is an organization that hosts special day camps for autistic children. The program's specially trained coaches, such as McNamara, take autistic children surfing, which provides a unique therapy for those affected with Autism. Sometimes this is the first time a parent gets the opportunity to see their child show any emotion, or even speak. McNamara expresses that “riding a fifty-foot wave is intense, but few things in my life match the feeling I get when I see these children surfing.” You can help support Surfer's Healing by donating at Donations will be accepted until August 13th.

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Garrett McNamara Joins The Program

We would like to welcome Garrett McNamara to the team. Garrett, a big wave surfing champion, is hard at work chasing down the biggest waves in the world. Stay tuned for updates!

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